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We Guide You Through Successful Business Growth 

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At Enigma Solutions, we bring a wealth of expertise and targeted insights to elevate your marketing and website development. As your committed partner, we focus on crafting impactful marketing strategies and developing sophisticated websites that drive growth and enhance your digital presence.

Leveraging the skills of seasoned marketers and web developers, we understand the complexities of creating a compelling online identity. Our services are specifically tailored to align with your unique requirements, ensuring that your goals are achieved with unmatched precision and effectiveness.

Our team doesn’t just offer solutions—we implement them with a proven track record of success. We bring practical experience and a deep understanding of digital trends to help your business stand out in a crowded market.

With Enigma Solutions, you’re not just building a website or a marketing campaign; you’re investing in a powerful, scalable digital strategy that ensures long-term success and amplifies your brand’s visibility and influence in the marketplace.

Trusted by 300+ professionals, business owners and entrepreneurs 

Expertise, Experience, and a Proven Track Record Define Our Success

With Enigma Solutions, you tap into a reservoir of knowledge honed by years of industry experience and a record of successful client transitions.


Our expertise is founded on comprehensive knowledge of diverse industries, business development strategies, and market dynamics. We use this acumen to support your goals and elevate your business.


Experience shapes our approach to every client engagement. Our team comprises seasoned professionals who have been both entrepreneurs and advisors, providing a unique dual perspective.

Repeatable Success 

Repeatable success is a testament to our effective methods. Time and again, we have guided businesses from inception, through growth, to profitable exits, proving the efficacy of our strategies and proprietary success formula.

Trusted by 300+ professionals, business owners and entrepreneurs 

Maximize Your Business Revenue with Enigma Solutions Innovative solutions

Exit Strategy Mastery is dedicated to equipping you with the tools and strategies necessary for sustainable business growth and a successful exit, even if it’s 3 to 5 years away.

Strategic Planning: We provide a roadmap to success, helping you make informed decisions that drive your business forward and increase its worth.​

Optimized Growth: Harness our strategic insights to identify new opportunities, streamline operations, and increase your market share.​Profitable

Exits: From timing to valuation, we guide you through the intricacies of selling your business to ensure a profitable and rewarding exit.

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Trusted by 300+ professionals, business owners and entrepreneurs 

Why Successful Companies Choose To Partner With Us

Our track record speaks for itself. Harnessing a proprietary success formula, we deliver consistent, repeatable results, transforming businesses with our proven strategies time and time again.

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Deep Expertise

Our team's accumulated knowledge makes us uniquely positioned to guide your business.

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Proven Strategies 

We deploy tried-and-true strategies tailored for your business's growth and profitable exit.

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Consistent Results 

Consistently delivering success, we're the trusted partner for companies aiming high.

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Personalized Approach 

We're not a one-size-fits-all solution; we adapt to the unique needs of your business.

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Business Savvy 

Our business acumen aids in navigating the complex world of growth and exits.

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At the core of our service is a commitment to our clients' success and satisfaction.

Trusted by 300+ professionals, business owners and entrepreneurs 

Meet the Founder

I am Rupert Snee, the proud founder and owner of this dynamic venture that took flight in 2022.


With a passion for creativity and a vision to soar above the competition, I embarked on this thrilling journey to provide top-notch solutions that elevate businesses to new heights. As a serial entrepreneur, I recognised the untapped potential in the industry and seized the opportunity to establish Enigma as a prominent player in the field.


We take immense pride in our ability to cater to a diverse range of clients, from ambitious startups to well-established multimillion-dollar companies. Our versatile approach and customized strategies have allowed us to assist businesses of all scales in achieving their unique goals and objectives.

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