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Website Development, Launching & Branding for Lisa Jane Counselling

Client Brief:

Lisa Jane Counselling, a private counseling practice, approached our agency with the aim of establishing a strong online presence and building a reputable brand. The client's primary objectives were:

  1. Professional Website Development: Create a modern, user-friendly, and informative website to showcase Lisa Jane's counseling services and approach.

  2. Branding and Identity: Develop a compelling brand identity that resonates with the target audience and conveys a sense of trust and compassion.

  3. SEO Optimization: Implement on-page SEO techniques to improve search engine rankings and attract potential clients organically.

  4. Social Media Integration: Integrate social media platforms to expand Lisa Jane's reach and engage with the audience effectively.

  5. Smooth Website Launch: Plan and execute a seamless website launch to ensure a positive user experience and minimize downtime.

Our Approach:

To meet Lisa Jane Counselling's goals, our team adopted the following approach:

  1. Website Development:

    • Conducted in-depth consultations with Lisa Jane to understand her counseling services, target audience, and design preferences.

    • Designed wireframes and mockups for the website, focusing on a clean and calming user interface that promotes ease of navigation.

    • Developed the website using the latest web technologies, ensuring mobile responsiveness for optimal user experience across devices.

    • Created informative content that highlighted Lisa Jane's expertise and approach, encouraging visitors to reach out for counseling services.

  2. Branding and Identity:

    • Conducted a brand discovery session to uncover Lisa Jane's unique selling propositions and brand values.

    • Developed a logo and color palette that conveyed professionalism, empathy, and trustworthiness.

    • Designed brand collaterals, including business cards, letterheads, and email signatures, to maintain a consistent brand image.

  3. SEO Optimization:

    • Conducted keyword research to identify relevant search terms for counseling services in Lisa Jane's local area.

    • Optimized website content, meta tags, and headings with targeted keywords to improve organic search rankings.

    • Implemented a local SEO strategy to boost Lisa Jane's visibility within her geographical location.

  4. Social Media Integration:

    • Set up and optimized Lisa Jane's social media profiles on platforms relevant to her target audience.

    • Developed a content calendar with engaging posts that aligned with Lisa Jane's brand and counseling expertise.

    • Engaged with followers and responded to inquiries promptly to foster a sense of trust and approachability.

  5. Smooth Website Launch:

    • Conducted thorough testing across various browsers and devices to identify and rectify any issues.

    • Developed a launch plan with a focus on minimizing downtime and ensuring a seamless transition to the new website.


The efforts of our team resulted in the following outcomes for Lisa Jane Counselling:

  1. Professional Website: The new website provided a clear and comprehensive overview of Lisa Jane's counseling services, leading to increased inquiries and client conversions.

  2. Compelling Brand Identity: The brand identity conveyed a sense of professionalism, empathy, and trust, resonating well with the target audience.

  3. Improved SEO Rankings: The website's search engine rankings improved, resulting in increased organic traffic and inquiries.

  4. Effective Social Media Presence: The integrated social media strategy led to a growing following and increased engagement with potential clients.

  5. Smooth Website Launch: The website launch was successful, and Lisa Jane's clients experienced minimal disruptions during the transition.


In conclusion, our comprehensive approach to website development, launching, and branding for Lisa Jane Counselling yielded successful results in achieving the client's objectives. The professional website, compelling brand identity, improved SEO rankings, and effective social media integration have contributed to Lisa Jane's growing online presence and enhanced reputation in the counseling field. We will continue to support Lisa Jane Counselling in maintaining her digital presence and making ongoing improvements to meet her evolving business needs.

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